In Englishkeisari
Tua Harno

Kuva: Otava/Jouni Harala

Tua Harno (b.1984) is a writer and scriptwriter living in Helsinki. She has a master’s degree in Drama and in Law.

Her second novel BURNT LAND (Otava, 2015) will be published in USA in 2017 by Amazon Crossing. The novel is a harsh love story with the backdrop of  merciless wilderness and the Australian mining industry.

Her script debut URBAN FAMILY (Ollaan vapaita in Finnish),  was released in the fall of 2015 by Pohjola-Filmi.

Her first novel THOSE WHO STAY (Otava, 2013) was praised for its beauty and wisdom, which pervades the language and the story of incurable loneliness through generations.

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